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Monkey Business

Ein Fall für Gorilla

Monkey Business (Ein Fall für Gorilla)
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In 1993 I wrote a concept for a TV-series, "Ein Fall für Gorilla" (Monkey Business), dealing with the exploits of Inspector Gorilla, zoo animal by day, detective by night. TV productions were less than enthusiastic about the concept. As a matter of fact, they thought I was stark raving mad, and so did everybody else that I told about my heroic ape.
I forgot about the series, until I recently mentioned it to Miriam (miffmiff), who was immediately taken by the idea. She spread the concept to friends of hers, and suddenly my often ridiculed detective had a fan base. So I have taken on the project again, and, with Miriam's help, made some promo pics.
Currently we are rewriting the first episode, and work on a teaser trailer. The time of the Gorilla has come... Beware!

- Kai

Please feel free to discuss, ask questions, post fanart, fanfiction or whatever might come to your mind ;)

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